3D Printing, the Maker Movement, IP Litigation and Legal Reform

The field of 3D printing is currently undergoing a transitional phase. While the consumer 3D printing revolution has been a disappointment, there has been a rise in other forms and modes of 3D printing (photo: Courtesy of Queensland University of Technology).

Industrial 3D printing continues to advance

3D printing and copyright law

3D printing and designs law

3D printing and trademark law

3D printing and patent law

3D printing and trade secrets

3D printing and open licensing

Other issues raised by 3D printing





Professor of Intellectual Property and Innovation Law, QUT. #Copyright #Patent #Trademark #plainpacks #Access2meds #SDGs #Climate #IndigenousIP #trade #TPP

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Matthew Rimmer

Matthew Rimmer

Professor of Intellectual Property and Innovation Law, QUT. #Copyright #Patent #Trademark #plainpacks #Access2meds #SDGs #Climate #IndigenousIP #trade #TPP

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