• Deepali Srivastava

    Deepali Srivastava

    #Content strategy consultant to companies, #digital #storytelling instructor to students. Follows international news, Indian politics, and global economics.

  • Kate Mackenzie

    Kate Mackenzie

    Climate finance & policy person. @FT and @FTalpha alum.

  • Andy Donovan

    Andy Donovan

    Director Artists Services at Australia Council for the Arts Lives Sydney, Australia. Also Bali & Lombok, Indonesia - love my islands

  • soulground.au


    Creative & non-fiction writing and editing

  • Carol Brani

    Carol Brani

    attorney at LexisNexis. tech · infosec · advertisinglaw · IP licensing · privacy · fan of UVA · golden retrievers · music · sports · coffee. Tweets are mine.

  • Dr. John Bethell

    Dr. John Bethell

    Medical recruitment workforce specialist and blogger. The world is short of doctors - who will win the war to hire the best ones?

  • Melissa Davey

    Melissa Davey

    Sydney Morning Herald journalist. Health reporter.

  • Subandi Kamis

    Subandi Kamis

    Navigating life a story at a time.

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