Intellectual Property and Education in the Age of COVID-19

Research Symposium, QUT Faculty of Law, 29 July 2020

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QUT Library
  • ‘Plant Breeders’ Rights Act 2016: Prospects and Challenges for Pakistan as an Agricultural Country’ (2020) Journal of World Intellectual Property (Early view published online)
  • ‘Evergreening of Pharmaceutical Patents: A Blithe Disregard for the Rationale of the Patent System’ (2019) 15(2) Journal of Generic Medicines: The Business Journal for the Generic Medicines Sector 53–60
  • ‘Investor-State Dispute Settlement Mechanism and its Ramifications for Public Health: An Analysis’ (2018) 28(4) Australasian Dispute Resolution Journal 244–251
  • ‘WTO Paragraph 6 System for Affordable Access to Medicines: Relief or Regulatory Ritualism’ (2018) 21(1–2) Journal of World Intellectual Property 32–51
  • ‘Compulsory Licensing and Access to Medicines: TRIPS Amendment Allows Export to Least-Developed Countries’ (2017) 12(6) Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice 451–452
  • ‘Rationale of Compulsory Licensing of Pharmaceutical Patents in the Light of Human Rights Perspective’ (2014) 19(1) Pakistan Perspectives 107–123
  • ‘TRIPS Flexibilities: Implementation Gaps between Theory and Practice’ (2013) Issue 2013(1) Nordic Journal of Commercial Laws 1–25
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Professor of Intellectual Property and Innovation Law, QUT. #Copyright #Patent #Trademark #plainpacks #Access2meds #SDGs #Climate #IndigenousIP #trade #TPP

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