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Intellectual Property and Trade in the Pacific Century

QUT IP And Innovation Law Research Symposium

22 June 2017

With the election of US President Donald Trump and the fall of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) has taken on a new importance in the Asia-Pacific. RCEP is one of the leading potential economic frameworks for the Asia-Pacific region. The proposed membership of RCEP is based upon the ASEAN framework. The negotiations involve ASEAN trading partners — such as the Republic of Korea, China, India, Australia, Japan, and New Zealand. RCEP is both an opportunity and a challenge for Australia in a time of uncertainty in the global trading system. This one day symposium will explore the geopolitics of the RCEP negotiations. The event will consider key chapters of the proposed agreement — dealing with intellectual property, investment, innovation, electronic commerce, agriculture, public health, the environment, and trade in services. This event will consider the future evolution of RCEP in the Pacific Century.

The speakers included Dr Shiro Armstrong, Professor Lisa Toohey, Professor Jane Kelsey, Professor Matthew Rimmer, Professor William van Caenegem, Associate Professor Jay Sanderson, Associate Professor Judith McNamara, Dr Burcu Kilic, Dr Felicity Deane, and Professor Luke Nottage.

Asia’s Response to Uncertainty in the Global Trading System: Dr Shiro Armstrong (ANU)

The Trojan Horse of e-Commerce — Professor Jane Kelsey (University of Auckland)

Identity, Security and Trade: Professor Lisa Toohey (University of Newcastle)

RCEP, Copyright Law, the Digital Economy, and the Pacific Century — Professor Matthew Rimmer

Impact of RCEP on Higher Education in the Asia-Pacific Region — Judith McNamara (QUT)

The RCEP and plant variety rights: Is it in the interest of farmers and food? Jay Sanderson

Geographical Indications and Trademarks in the Asia-Pacific region. Professor William van Caenegem

Dangers for Access to Affordable Medicines in RCEP — Dr Burcu Kilic (Public Citizen)

Climate Change, Maritime Emissions and Transparency — Dr Felicity Deane (QUT)

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Professor of Intellectual Property and Innovation Law, QUT. #Copyright #Patent #Trademark #plainpacks #Access2meds #SDGs #Climate #IndigenousIP #trade #TPP

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