Makerspaces and the Law

  • ‘Strategic Use of Patent Opposition Safeguard to Improve Access to Innovative Health Technologies: A Case Study of CAR T-Cell Therapy Kymriah’ (2020) Global Public Health
  • ‘COVID-19 and the Global Public Health: Tiered Pricing of Pharmaceutical Drugs as a Price-Reducing Policy Tool’ (2020) Journal of Generic Medicines
  • ‘Conflicting Interests, Competing Perspectives and Policy Incoherence: COVID-19 Highlights the Significance of the UN High-Level Panel Report on Access to Medicines’ (2020) 31 Australian Intellectual Property Journal 24–42
  • ‘Treatment of the Novel COVID-19: Why Costa Rica’s Proposal for the Creation of a Global Pooling Mechanism Deserves Serious Consideration?’ (2020) 7(1) Journal of Law and the Biosciences 1–10
  • ‘WTO Paragraph 6 System for Affordable Access to Medicines: Relief or Regulatory Ritualism’ (2018) 21(1–2) Journal of World Intellectual Property 32–51



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Matthew Rimmer

Matthew Rimmer

Professor of Intellectual Property and Innovation Law, QUT. #Copyright #Patent #Trademark #plainpacks #Access2meds #SDGs #Climate #IndigenousIP #trade #TPP