‘Right to repair’ movement pushes back against throwaway society

  • Internationally, consumer rights laws aim to make ‘built-in obsolescence’ obsolete
  • Expensive or discontinued spare parts major barrier to repair
  • Authorised repairers can charge exorbitantly
  • Tablet and mobiles constantly need to be replaced ie ‘updated’ to cope
  • Sustainability awareness leads consumers to lower landfill
  • Independent motor vehicle repairers have been lobbying for greater access to repair information and spare parts.
  • The National Farmers Federation is concerned about onerous restrictions imposed on them for repairing expensive agricultural machinery and equipment.
  • Everyday consumers have been raising concerns about barriers and cost of repairing phones and tablets for years.



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Matthew Rimmer

Matthew Rimmer

Professor of Intellectual Property and Innovation Law, QUT. #Copyright #Patent #Trademark #plainpacks #Access2meds #SDGs #Climate #IndigenousIP #trade #TPP